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Hearing Loss Rates Continue to Drop Among U.S. Adults Aged 20-69

New research shows that hearing loss rates have declined over approximately the last decade in people aged 20-69, continuing a promising trend. 

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What Parents Need To Know About Hearing Screening

Hearing screenings are important for people of all ages and are a quick and cost-effective way to determine if someone is experiencing a hearing problem.

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School Sounds Tour

Schools are a noisy place. Parents should talk with their children about noise levels in school and encourage quiet activities and places.

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TwitterChat on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

NIDCD held a TwitterChat to celebrate its 25th anniversary and Noisy Planet’s 5th anniversary to discuss noise-induced hearing loss and how to reduce the risk.

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Noisy Planet Featured On Jeopardy!

During a Kids Week episode of the TV show Jeopardy, viewers learned about the Noisy Planet campaign and the importance of protecting their hearing.

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Students Ask “How Loud Is Too Loud?” in the Cafeteria

Noisy Planet school presentation leads students to measure the decibel levels in their school cafeteria and share the results at the school’s science fair.

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