When It's Loud, Protect Your Hearing: Sound Advice for Young Ears

When It's Loud, Protect Your Hearing: Sound Advice for Young Ears thumbnail

It’s a noisy planet! Many sounds are safe, but others can damage your hearing. Learn how loud is too loud, how to protect your hearing, and morethen test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle.

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Journey of Sound to the Brain

Soundwaves going into ear

Learn how sounds make their way from the source to your brain.

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Keep Listening to the Beat

Blackboard with music notes and girl wearing a personal listening device

Kids and preteens get tips for listening to music without damaging their hearing.

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Where Is the Noise?

Kids sitting around eating and talking to each other.

Noise is everywhere. Learn which sounds and environments can put your hearing at risk and how to protect your hearing.

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How Do You Protect Your Hearing?

How to Protect Your Hearing (3 Ways): Lower the volume, move away from the noise, wear hearing protectors.

Kids and preteens learn the various types of hearing protectors and tips for how to wear them.

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What Did You Say? What Loud Noises Can Do to Your Hearing

Young girl wearing headphones

Kids and preteens learn how sound is measured, what loud sounds do to their hearing, and three easy steps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

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Last Updated Date:

October 31, 2018