Try some fun ways to learn about how to protect your hearing from noise-induced hearing loss! Play a game or take a quiz to test how much you know about noise and when it becomes dangerous to your hearing.

Test your knowledge about noisy activities and the science behind noise-induced hearing loss with these quizzes. Challenge your parents and friends on their noise knowledge, too!

What Kids Need to Know About Noise and Hearing

Girl in yellow with headphones on.

Learn easy ways to protect your hearing and keep enjoying the sounds you love.

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Have You Heard?

Students eating in the cafeteria

Do mice snore? Are cicadas really as loud as a rock concert? Read about and share these topics and other interesting stories about sounds, noise, and hearing health.

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Listen Up! Protect Your Hearing (infographic)

An infographic with icons of earbuds, speakers, and sound waves traveling to an ear.

Noise is all around us. Find out how loud different sounds are, and learn to protect your hearing.

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Multimedia Library

Three ways to protect your hearing

Check out free resources that you can download, share, and order.

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Noisy Planet is on Kahoot!

Children using computer in school.

Learn about noise-induced hearing loss, its signs, symptoms, causes, and ways to protect your hearing.

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