Test your noise knowledge in this crossword puzzle. Complete the puzzle online or print a copy (PDF – 2 MB)

Noises that are too loud and that last too long can cause hearing loss. This puzzle is about noise, how your ears hear, and what you can do to protect your hearing.

We've given you a few clues about the decibel level—or loudness—of some noises. If you are around noise that measures at least 85 decibels (about as loud as a school cafeteria or heavy city traffic) you may need to wear hearing protection.

Complete the Crossword

  1. Read a clue and click on the answer box. You'll see that part of the puzzle turn blue.
  2. Type your answer in the answer box.
  3. When you've typed the correct number of letters for the answer, your answer will be checked automatically.
    • A correct answer turns the puzzle green, and gives you the message, "Correct."
    • An incorrect answer turns the puzzle red, and gives you the message, "Try Again."
  4. After getting a correct answer, use the left and right arrow buttons to advance to the next or previous question.

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