Noisy Planet can help you teach your children about noise-induced hearing loss and help them adopt healthy hearing habits for life. Here are a few ideas and activities you can use to teach your children about noise and hearing loss.

Where should I start?

Read the facts about hearing loss from noise so you can talk with your children about what it is and how to practice healthy hearing habits. For more information, read about why it’s important to teach kids about noise-induced hearing loss.

You can also learn more from:

Do you have activities we can do at home?

Browse the Kids and Preteens web pages for several interactive games to help your children learn about noise-induced hearing loss and healthy hearing habits.

Ideas you’ll learn about on our website include:

  • Teach your children about noise levels. Point out sources of really loud noises, such as the siren of a passing fire truck or ambulance. Use the Listen Up! Infographic to see which everyday noises in your home could be harmful.
  • On a rainy day, have your children try our crossword puzzle. See who can complete the puzzle first. Or, have your children Test Their Noise Knowledge to see what they know about hearing loss and noise.

My child is doing research on a project for school.

The Noisy Planet website is a rich resource for students working on school assignments on sound and noise:

How can I find out more about hearing loss caused by noise?

Noisy Planet offers free downloads and publications to order—all free of charge.

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