Teacher Toolkit

Educator and student demonstrating the tuning fork activity

Noisy Planet’s Teacher Toolkit will help you teach preteens about the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss. It provides easy-to-use resources and step-by-step instructions for fun activities.

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Kids and Healthy Hearing Habits

Child with protection earphones during concert

Learn about how we hear and how noise can cause hearing loss. Learn more about how to protect preteens from noise-induced hearing loss.

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All that Noise! What Adults Can Do to Protect Kids' Hearing

High school students and a teacher, who is using a power tool, wearing protective earphones in a woodworking class.

Learn what resources are available to help educators incorporate healthy hearing messages into their daily interactions with kids.

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Shareable Images and Downloads

Three ways to protect your hearing

Check out free resources that you can download, share, and order.

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Last Updated Date:

July 22, 2016