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House Finches Raise the Pitch When It's Noisy

Scientists in Mexico City examined the effect of noisy environments on the pitch of house fitches, and found that as the noise grew, the birds sang at a higher pitch.

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Boat Noise May Distract Hermit Crabs

Too much noise can make it tough to concentrate. Are animals also distracted by noise? Scientists found that hermit crabs become distracted by boat noise and are less likely to protect themselves from predators.

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Give Your Ears a Break and Your Brain a Boost

Reading provides a fun and easy way to give your ears a break and your mind a boost. A fun alternative to reading books is listening to them—don’t forget to keep the volume down!

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Higher Rates of Hearing Loss Among Workers Exposed to Chemicals

Workers who come in contact with certain chemicals experience higher rates of hearing loss. Scientists think that some chemicals interact with noise, leading to increases in work-related hearing loss.

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Music Has Many Roles

Music plays a big part in our everyday lives—creating a soundtrack for many of life’s important events. Remember to protect your hearing while enjoying music in all of its forms.

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Musicians in an Orchestra May Be Exposed to Unhealthy Sound Levels

Researchers in Canada studying the impact of noise on musicians in an orchestra found that some members were exposed to sound levels as high as 94 decibels.

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