Have you ever thought about reading books that aren't required for school?

Some people think that reading is an activity just for school, but it can actually be very enjoyable during your off-hours too! All types of reading can help boost your brain—even magazines, graphic novels, and comics.

Children sitting on bed reading a book

If you're not sure what to read about, just think about your favorite things to do. For instance, if you love the Simpsons, you can read a guide to the Simpsons. If you like sports, you can read about your favorite athlete or about how to be a better athlete. If you like cars, try reading a magazine about them. The possibilities are endless.

A fun alternative to reading books is listening to them on a CD or on your computer. Listening to books helps your brain too—but don't forget to protect your ears by keeping the volume at the same level as a normal conversation.

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