A mother teaches her children to play guitar in a field on a sunny day

You can probably think of many situations in which music plays a part. There’s the school chorus, the marching band, and even you singing in the shower. Music has a lot of power. You can use music to relax, such as when a parent soothes a baby to sleep with a lullaby. Music is also used to energize a crowd, such as when rock songs are played during a basketball game. Or it is used to celebrate a victory, such as when the national anthem is played after an athlete wins a medal at the Olympics. And we all know that music plays a big role in weddings and religious ceremonies the world over. In fact, music is the soundtrack for many of life’s most important activities.

To experience music in all of its roles and forms, remember to protect your hearing! Tiny hair cells in your inner ear are damaged by noise that’s too loud and that lasts for too long. That damage causes hearing loss.

What’s your favorite kind of music? And where is your favorite place to hear it?

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