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Protect Your Hearing When You Play a Musical Instrument

Playing any musical instrumentregardless of sizecan harm your hearing, if played loud enough and long enough. To better protect their hearing, musicians wear earplugs. 

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What's Your Favorite Sound?

L.A. Youth Newspaper asked readers to write about their favorite sounds. The winning essay was from a girl who was born deaf and who wrote about loving the sound of a toy rattle. 

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Noise From Human Activities Hurting Marine Life

Marine animals use their sound environment to communicate and help make sense of the world around them. Scientists are concerned about the impact of noise from boats and ships.

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Can Music Affect the Mood of a Monkey?

Music can affect our moods, but can it change the moods of animals? A study designed by a psychologist and cello player found that specially composed music can alter monkeys' moods.

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Hunting and Other Shooting Sports Can Damage Your Hearing

In rural areas, hearing loss caused by the sound of gunfire is a major issue. A study of male hunters found that the longer a person had been a hunter, the more likely he was to have hearing loss.

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Dangerous Volume at Gyms

A study from the International Journal of Audiology says that background noise in gyms can cause earbud users to turn the volume too high.

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