There's no way to camouflage this problem: hunting and other shooting sports can damage your hearing. Hunting or sport shooting may be a popular activity in your family or community, but gunfire is very loud. Being close to gunfire many times over many years can cause hearing loss that will last the rest of your life. In some cases, firing just a single shot can damage your hearing.

Person target shooting

In rural areas, hearing loss caused by the sound of gunfire is a major issue. A study of male hunters published by University of Wisconsin researchers found that the longer a person had been a hunter, the more likely it was that he had hearing loss. Even worse, 38 percent of the target shooters and 95 percent of the hunters said they hadn't worn hearing protection while shooting in the past year.

Hunting supply stores and websites sell earmuffs and earplugs that can help to prevent hearing loss and ringing in your ears. Your parents and your doctor can help you find the right protection for your ears.

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