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Even a Mouse Can Snore Like a Human

The dormouse is a rodent that spends up to a third of its life hibernating—sleeping and often times snoring. Check out the video of the dormouse snoring!

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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Can Affect Anyone—Including Presidents

Did you know that too much exposure to loud noise affected the hearing of some of our previous national leaders?

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Whales May Find Ship Noise Stressful

North Atlantic right whales are becoming stressed by ship noise and this stress may be affecting their behavior, communication, and movement patterns.

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A Phone Call to Mom Can Have Healing Powers

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin studied 64 girls between the ages of 7 to 12 to determine the impact that speaking to their mothers had on their stress levels.

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Where a Bird Lives Affects How High Its Pitch Is

Birds living in cities sing with a higher pitch than those living in wooded area as a result of the physical structure of cities—the way buildings, streets, and houses are set up.

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Protect Your Hearing When You Play a Musical Instrument

Playing any musical instrumentregardless of sizecan harm your hearing, if played loud enough and long enough. To better protect their hearing, musicians wear earplugs. 

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