On March 3, join Noisy Planet, the World Health Organization (WHO), and others in spreading the message about healthy hearing in observance of World Hearing Day. Noisy Planet observes this annual event by encouraging you and your family to practice safe listening habits with these simple steps:

  • Lower the volume.
  • Move away from the noise.
  • Wear hearing protectors, such as earplugs or protective earmuffs.

Sounds can be harmful when they are very loud, even for a short time: just two minutes of exposure to sounds at or above 110 A-weighted decibels (dBA), such as fireworks, can damage your hearing. Sounds can also be harmful when they are not quite as loud, but you are exposed over a longer period of time. Many people participate in activities that produce sounds at these harmful levels, such as using earbuds or headphones at maximum volume, attending loud sporting events and concerts, or using power tools.

Because hearing damage from noise is often gradual, you might ignore or miss the signs at first. You might experience ringing in your ears (tinnitus) or, over time, you might find it hard to hear the TV or understand conversations, especially in noisy settings.

Do you have signs of hearing loss? Talk with your doctor or a hearing health provider about having your hearing checked. If needed, your doctor may refer you to a hearing specialist (audiologist) or other healthcare provider.

Help spread the message about healthy hearing. Share these materials on social media and with your family and community to help raise awareness of ways to prevent hearing loss from noise:

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