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Noisy Planet Featured On Jeopardy!

During a Kids Week episode of the TV show Jeopardy, viewers learned about the Noisy Planet campaign and the importance of protecting their hearing.

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Students Ask “How Loud Is Too Loud?” in the Cafeteria

Noisy Planet school presentation leads students to measure the decibel levels in their school cafeteria and share the results at the school’s science fair.

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4-Hers Take Noisy Planet to Their Communities

At a national 4-H summit, Noisy Planet hosted workshops to help participants raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss in their communities.

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New International Standard for Personal Audio Devices Aims to Keep Your Hearing Safe

The World Health Organization (WHO) and another agency within the United Nationsthe International Telecommunication Union (ITU)collaborated in developing a global standard for safe personal listening devices and systems.

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