A fan cheering in the stands during a football game

Football games are a huge part of American culture. The roar of the crowd, the announcer on the PA system, and noisy fans all make for a festive time at football games. Being a spectator at a football game is fun, but it also presents dangers to your hearing. The noise at some football games has been recorded at levels equal to that of a jet plane taking off! In 2013, the fans at two football stadiums set noise records: the Seattle Seahawks hit 136.6 A-weighted decibels (dBA) in September, while the Kansas City Chiefs topped that with 137.5 dBA in October. Scientists, however, think that regular exposure to just two minutes of sounds at 110 dBA or more per day puts you and your family at risk for permanent hearing loss over time.

Protecting your hearing is important. Along with your seat cushion and giant foam fingers, be sure to bring hearing protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs, to the next football game. You can still cheer, but your ears will be safer.

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