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Enjoy the Sounds of Summer Safely

The sounds of summer are enjoyable and relaxing but can also be too loud. Remember to pack earplugs to limit your family’s exposure to potentially damaging sounds.

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Musicians May Face Higher Risk for Hearing Loss

Musicians face nearly four times greater risk of developing hearing loss and are 57 percent more like to develop tinnitus due to exposure to loud noise.

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School Sounds Tour

Schools are a noisy place. Parents should talk with their children about noise levels in school and encourage quiet activities and places.

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TwitterChat on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

NIDCD held a TwitterChat to celebrate its 25th anniversary and Noisy Planet’s 5th anniversary to discuss noise-induced hearing loss and how to reduce the risk.

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Healthy Hearing Campaign in New York City

In 2013, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene developed a series of ads encouraging people to turn down the volume on their headphones and earbuds.

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Coldplay Singer Chris Martin Has Tinnitus and Some Advice for Kids

Coldplay singer Chris Martin has some good advice for you: Be sure to wear hearing protection. Martin suffers from tinnitus, which was caused by exposure to loud noise.

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