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Hospital Gives Green Light to Noise Awareness

Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD, installed a noise-level monitor designed to look like a traffic light to help reduce noise levels in the hospital.

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Sharpen Your Senses and Help Conservation Researchers

Audobon’s annual Christmas Bird Count recruits volunteers with alert eyes and ears to sign up for its annual bird census—counting every bird you hear and see.

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Studying Sound and Noise Pollution at the Grand Canyon

Students from across the country—many with hearing loss—spent a week in the Grand Canyon to learn about issues caused by noise pollution from man-made distractions.

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Sounds of Your Childhood

What is your personal soundscape—the sounds that surround you? Is it the sounds of school and home? Spend a day paying attention to your personal soundscape. 

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Female and Male Wrens Sing As One

Male and female plain-tailed wrens complete each other’s songs when they couple—taking turns producing notes to create a duet that sounds like its coming from a single bird.

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Recovering Some of the Earliest Audio Recordings Ever Created

Hundreds of experimental audio recordings were left behind by Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and Emile Berliner. Scientists are now working to recover those recordings.

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