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Coldplay Singer Chris Martin Has Tinnitus and Some Advice for Kids

Coldplay singer Chris Martin has some good advice for you: Be sure to wear hearing protection. Martin suffers from tinnitus, which was caused by exposure to loud noise.

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It’s a Noisy Planet, but It’s Also a Noisy Sun

Scientists are using sound waves to study the interior of the sun. Frequencies coming from the sun’s interior are almost too low for humans to hear by the time they reach the surface.

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Tarsiers Have Mad Ultrasonic Skills

Tarsiers—a five-inch long creature—are the only primates to communicate solely in ultrasound.

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A Rock Hyrax Can Wail, Squeak, and Tweet

The hyrax, a rodent found in Africa and the Middle East, sings in orderly and arranged sounds called syntax.

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Safe Listening at Outdoor Sporting Events

Outdoor sporting events in stadiums and at race tracks can be very loud—with levels in the stands reaching 96 decibels in the stands. Pack hearing protection for your family.

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Cicadas Can Make as Much Noise as a Motorcycle

Learn about cicadas—the insect that only comes out every 13-17 years and the high-pitch buzz male cicadas use to attract their mates. The buzzing can reach up to 90 decibels.

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