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Do you work in a loud restaurant, a concert or sports venue, or at a construction site? Ever wonder if the noise could be damaging your hearing? There’s an app for that! 

Image of infographic: Listen up! Protect your hearing. To protect your hearing, use earplugs and try to avoid loud noises.

Noisy Planet is proud to host Listen Up! Protect Your Hearing, an interactive infographic that shows how loud some common sounds are.

People walk along West Broadway in Tribeca district, New York.

The Sounds of New York City (SONYC) research project will use large-scale noise monitoring to provide technology and data to help the city understand and control noise more effectively. Ultimately, the project could contribute to creating quieter cities, thereby reducing the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Bicyclists riding on a road

Wind noise may harm cyclists’ hearing. Researchers used a wind tunnel to generate wind speeds up to 60 mph, and microphones to measure the resulting noise levels. 

Two workers with a drill.

New research shows that hearing loss rates have declined over approximately the last decade in people aged 20-69, continuing a promising trend. 

Cars in traffic in a city

While they use less fuel and are better for the environment, hybrid cars pose a health risk since they are so quiet—pedestrians are unable to hear them when crossing the street.

Girl in subway station wearing earbuds

City noise is a contributing factor to hearing loss, according to a 2012 study. The research found that 80 percent of New Yorkers are exposed to enough noise to damage their hearing.

Hermit Crab

Too much noise can make it tough to concentrate. Are animals also distracted by noise? Scientists found that hermit crabs become distracted by boat noise and are less likely to protect themselves from predators.

 bird and Japanese high speed bullet train

Scientists are using biomimicry—the science of using designs found in nature to inspire new products—to reduce the sounds from Japan’s trains by studying the kingfisher bird.

Kids sitting around eating and talking to each other.

Noise is everywhere. Learn which sounds and environments can put your hearing at risk and how to protect your hearing.

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