iPhone displaying the app.

Do you work in a loud restaurant, a concert or sports venue, or at a construction site? Ever wonder if the noise could be damaging your hearing? There’s an app for that! 

Image of infographic: Listen up! Protect your hearing. To protect your hearing, use earplugs and try to avoid loud noises.

Noisy Planet is proud to host Listen Up! Protect Your Hearing, an interactive infographic that shows how loud some common sounds are.

Traffic light displaying green light

Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD, installed a noise-level monitor designed to look like a traffic light to help reduce noise levels in the hospital.

Black rotary telephone

What is your personal soundscape—the sounds that surround you? Is it the sounds of school and home? Spend a day paying attention to your personal soundscape. 

Two workers wearing earmuffs

Workers who come in contact with certain chemicals experience higher rates of hearing loss. Scientists think that some chemicals interact with noise, leading to increases in work-related hearing loss.

A family dining at a restaurant

Loud restaurants have become so common that noise levels are now commonly included in restaurant ratings. Noisy Planet provides tips and guidelines for protecting your family’s hearing while dining out.

“Herbie” the orange tabby cat

A 12-year-old cat named Smokey may set the record for being the world’s loudest cat. Most cats purr at around 20 decibels, but Smoke's purr is much louder than that!

Quiet Hospital Zone sign.

Hospitals across the country are beginning to recognize noise as a problem and trying solutions to reduce it. Preventing loud noises is key.


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