Children sitting on bed reading a book

Reading provides a fun and easy way to give your ears a break and your mind a boost. A fun alternative to reading books is listening to them—don’t forget to keep the volume down!

Two workers wearing earmuffs

Workers who come in contact with certain chemicals experience higher rates of hearing loss. Scientists think that some chemicals interact with noise, leading to increases in work-related hearing loss.

A mother teaches her children to play guitar in a field on a sunny day

Music plays a big part in our everyday lives—creating a soundtrack for many of life’s important events. Remember to protect your hearing while enjoying music in all of its forms.

Female flutist performing, hands close-up

Researchers in Canada studying the impact of noise on musicians in an orchestra found that some members were exposed to sound levels as high as 94 decibels.

An adult male and young boy working in a barn and feeding hay to cows.

While farms may look peaceful and quiet, they can actually be quite noisy. Protect your hearing from farm machinery and livestock noise.

High school students and a teacher, who is using a power tool, wearing protective earphones in a woodworking class.

Learn what resources are available to help educators incorporate healthy hearing messages into their daily interactions with kids.

Young girl wearing a personal music device. She is standing in front of a blackboard that has musical notes written in chalk.

Kids and preteens get tips for listening to music without damaging their hearing.

How to Protect Your Hearing (3 Ways): Lower the volume, move away from the noise, wear hearing protectors.

Kids and preteens learn the various types of hearing protectors and tips for how to wear them.

Parents and children

The extent of noise-related damage to your hearing depends on three factors: decibel level, distance, and time. Learn how loud noises can put children’s hearing at risk over time. 

Tween listening to device with earphones on.

Loud noise can damage part of the inner ear and cause permanent hearing loss. 


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