A young girl putting earplugs in her ears.

Music patrons’ attitudes about earplugs improved after they wore them for 16 weeks, according to a study in Australia.

Woman and child reading a book together

As the school year ends and summer approaches, encourage your children to participate in quiet activities, such as reading books.

People on a rollercoaster.

The sounds of summer are enjoyable and relaxing but can also be too loud. Remember to pack earplugs to limit your family’s exposure to potentially damaging sounds.

Blond kid singer girl singing playing live band in backyard concert with friends

Musicians face nearly four times greater risk of developing hearing loss and are 57 percent more like to develop tinnitus due to exposure to loud noise.

A frog on a lily pad.

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA)—a partner of Noisy Planet—offers interesting sounds of nature and the science of acoustics on their Explore Sound website.

New York City ads “Hear today. Gone tomorrow.”

In 2013, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene developed a series of ads encouraging people to turn down the volume on their headphones and earbuds.

crowds of fans at a concert

Coldplay singer Chris Martin has some good advice for you: Be sure to wear hearing protection. Martin suffers from tinnitus, which was caused by exposure to loud noise.

Fans sitting in the stands at a racecar event.

Outdoor sporting events in stadiums and at race tracks can be very loud—with levels in the stands reaching 96 decibels in the stands. Pack hearing protection for your family.

Girl in subway station wearing earbuds

City noise is a contributing factor to hearing loss, according to a 2012 study. The research found that 80 percent of New Yorkers are exposed to enough noise to damage their hearing.

Person target shooting

In rural areas, hearing loss caused by the sound of gunfire is a major issue. A study of male hunters found that the longer a person had been a hunter, the more likely he was to have hearing loss.


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