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Noisy Planet’s online newsletter offers stories on noise-induced hearing loss, as well as tips and information on how to help preteens protect their hearing and develop healthy hearing habits.

Listen up! Protect your hearing. To protect your hearing, use earplugs and try to avoid loud noises. Noise (sound) is all around us-at school, at home, and all the places inbetween. It's everywhere we go. But being around too much loud noise, like at concerts or fireworks shows can make you lose your hearing. And you can't get it back.

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How Loud Is Too Loud? Find Out With This Infographic

Noisy Planet is proud to host Listen Up! Protect Your Hearing, an interactive infographic that shows how loud some common sounds are. Read more >

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Back to school supplies on a table.

Protect Your Child’s Hearing This School Year

Schools are filled with the sounds of packed hallways and cafeterias, band practices, and sporting events. Be sure that kids have their hearing tested and keep earplugs in their backpacks. Read more >

A young girl wincing while using a cotton swab in her ear.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Your Ears

Earwax in your ear doesn’t need to be cleaned. It is the cleaner! Read more >

An image of the app on an iphone.

Free Sound Level Meter App from CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Do you work in a loud restaurant, a concert or sports venue, or at a construction site? Ever wonder if the noise could be damaging your hearing? There’s an app for that! Read more >

In the Community

The Noisy Planet team has been out-and-about in the community! Noisy Planet attended the Hearing Loss Association of America convention in Salt Lake City from June 21-24. The team distributed publications in both English and Spanish, reaching hundreds of people who visited our booth throughout the event.

Next, the Noisy Planet team was off to San Diego from June 29-July 1 for the annual conference of the National Association of School Nurses. More than 250 school nurses visited our exhibit. We enjoyed answering questions and hearing personal stories of how school nurses make hearing protection a priority in their schools and in their own lives.

On July 13, the team led a Noisy Planet presentation at our headquarters, the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Maryland. We spoke to 70 high school students about the research behind hearing loss prevention. We hope that the students, who attended the National Student Leadership Conference, will help to spread the Noisy Planet message to their own communities.

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A multicultural group of preteen cartoon characters. Each character is smiling and holding various musical instruments, microphones, and song books.

A new school year means new noisy school events! Share this image on your social media platforms. Read more >

Un diverso grupo de personajes preadolescentes en dibujos animados. Cada personaje está sonriendo y sosteniendo varios instrumentos musicales, micrófonos y libros de canciones.

Un nuevo año escolar significa que habrá nuevos eventos escolares con mucho ruido. Comparta esta imagen con sus contactos en los medios sociales. Leer más >

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