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The Latest from Have You Heard?

NIH-Supported Researchers Find Stable Numbers of U.S. Teens with Signs of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Research published in 2017 found that the percentage of U.S. children and teens with signs of possible noise-induced hearing loss did not change significantly from 1988 to 2010. Read more >

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A child taking a hearing screening test.

What Parents Need to Know About Hearing Screening

Hearing screenings are important for people of all ages and are a quick and cost-effective way to determine if someone is experiencing a hearing problem.  Read more >

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Each May, Noisy Planet joins the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in observing Better Hearing and Speech Month. Help spread the word about hearing protection with the Noisy Planet Facebook frame. Read more >

In the Community

In February, the Noisy Planet team led two hourlong workshops for 4-H youth leaders from across the United States, demonstrating activities and tools from the Noisy Planet campaign. 4-H educators can use Noisy Planet Teacher Toolkit resourcesincluding a PowerPoint presentation and instruction sheets for interactive activitiesto raise awareness in their communities about preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Noisy Planet has participated in this event for the past four years. 

People speaking to children at USAEF.In early April, the Noisy Planet team and colleagues from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) participated in the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. The NIDCD’s “Sensation Station” was one of many exhibits within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) pavilion. The festival is a national effort to advance STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. The event drew about 370,000 visitors each year. During the event, kids spun the Noisy Planet Q&A wheel to test their knowledge about how to protect their hearing during everyday activities; used a tuning fork to move a ping-pong ball to see how sound waves work; heard a high-pitched sound that most adults can’t hear; and learned how changes to their senses of touch and sight can affect their ability to balance while standing on one foot. Visitors also learned how our sense of smell contributes to our sense of taste, and took a simple taste test to find out if they are among the 25 percent of people who cannot taste a class of bitter substances.

For this spring’s Take Your Child to Work Day at the NIH in Maryland, the NIDCD will lead our popular Noisy Planet educational activities and demonstrate how loud sounds can affect our hearing over time. This annual event showcases some of the many career paths at the NIH.

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Put a Plug in the Noise: Instructions for Using Earplugs

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