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Infant Sleep Machines Can Damage an Infant’s Hearing

Studies have shown that devices that produce a lulling sound to soothe babies to sleep can damage their hearing if they are used at their maximum volume setting.

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Are Hybrid Cars Too Quiet?

While they use less fuel and are better for the environment, hybrid cars pose a health risk since they are so quiet—pedestrians are unable to hear them when crossing the street.

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Monster Noise Levels at Monster Truck Rallies

Spectators of monster truck rallies are exposed to noise levels from 95-100 decibels, which can lead to hearing loss. To prevent this—families should wear hearing protection.

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Alexander Graham Bell’s Contributions to the Science of Hearing

Noisy Planet shares the story of Alexander Graham Bell’s contributions to the science of hearing through his creation of the audiometer.

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Time and Experience Improve Some Attitudes Toward Earplugs

Music patrons’ attitudes about earplugs improved after they wore them for 16 weeks, according to a study in Australia.

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Looking for a Quiet Activity for Your Kids? Try Reading!

As the school year ends and summer approaches, encourage your children to participate in quiet activities, such as reading books.

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