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Monster Noise Levels at Monster Truck Rallies

Spectators of monster truck rallies are exposed to noise levels from 95-100 decibels, which can lead to hearing loss. To prevent this—families should wear hearing protection.

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Alexander Graham Bell’s Contributions to the Science of Hearing

Noisy Planet shares the story of Alexander Graham Bell’s contributions to the science of hearing through his creation of the audiometer.

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Time and Experience Improve Some Attitudes Toward Earplugs

Music patrons’ attitudes about earplugs improved after they wore them for 16 weeks, according to a study in Australia.

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Looking for a Quiet Activity for Your Kids? Try Reading!

As the school year ends and summer approaches, encourage your children to participate in quiet activities, such as reading books.

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Enjoy the Sounds of Summer Safely

The sounds of summer are enjoyable and relaxing but can also be too loud. Remember to pack earplugs to limit your family’s exposure to potentially damaging sounds.

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Musicians May Face Higher Risk for Hearing Loss

Musicians face nearly four times greater risk of developing hearing loss and are 57 percent more like to develop tinnitus due to exposure to loud noise.

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