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Can Electric Hand Dryers Hurt Your Hearing?

A study conducted by a teenager found that some electric hand dryers in public restrooms could be loud enough to harm your hearing over time.

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How Effective are Earplugs in Protecting Your Hearing During Loud Concerts?

A 2016 study showed that wearing earplugs at loud concerts can help to prevent temporary hearing loss.

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Noisy Planet is on Kahoot!

Test your knowledge about the causes and prevention of hearing loss with an online quiz available from Kahoot!

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Hearing Loss Rates Continue to Drop Among U.S. Adults Aged 20-69

New research shows that hearing loss rates have declined over approximately the last decade in people aged 20-69, continuing a promising trend. 

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Are Hybrid Cars Too Quiet?

While they use less fuel and are better for the environment, hybrid cars pose a health risk since they are so quiet—pedestrians are unable to hear them when crossing the street.

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Learn About a Safer Way to Rock and Roll

Think about the members of bands, touring night after night, and being repeatedly exposed to loud music for hours. That noise exposure can take its toll, and several rock bands are now dealing with those effects.

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