How does noise damage your hearing? factsheet

How Does Noise Damage Your Hearing?

For parents and educators: Information about how we hear; the signs, symptoms, and causes of noise-induced hearing loss; and how you can help kids protect their hearing.

When it's loud. Protect your hearing factsheet thumbnail.

When It’s Loud, Protect Your Hearing

For kids and preteens: Everything you need to know about noise and hearing loss, how loud is too loud, and how and when to use hearing protectors. Includes a crossword puzzle!

How loud is too loud? fact sheet

How Loud Is Too Loud?

For parents and educators: Information about how sound is measured, when sounds are loud enough to damage your hearing, how to protect your hearing, and how to teach kids about healthy hearing habits.

A doctor helping to place a hearing aid on a child.

Kids who are born with permanent hearing loss and who receive hearing aids or cochlear implants benefit from earlier introduction of the chosen intervention.

Three teenagers sitting on the ground laughing and talking with each other.

Research published in 2017 found that the percentage of U.S. children and teens with signs of possible noise-induced hearing loss did not change significantly from 1988 to 2010.


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